To guarantee that our company meets industry, as well as our own high sanitation standards, trained professionals – who use the most advanced techniques, equipment, and pesticides, with special consideration of the latest available biological, ecological and environmental information. Our pest control program provides outstanding protection against insects, rodents, and bird pests. We meet the requirements of all state, federal, local health, safety, and pesticide use regulations as follows.

INAGRATED revives Pest Control and Sanitation Log Reports, generated by our pest control technicians, which detail all recommendations concerning sanitation condition, structural deficiencies, and other suggestions to enhance safety or cleanliness. INAGRATED makes every effort to promptly institute any change which enhance safety and cleanliness and keep your facilities free of contamination. Records are kept by INAGRATED, as well as a designated person at the pest control firm.

INSECT CONTROL Interior Crawling Insect Control:
INAGRATED'S pest control program controls for insects, when appropriate, in:

All non- residual insecticides are applied into crack and crevices via low pressure, pin –stream treatment, or according to the EPA approved label directions, eliminating any possibility of product contamination All of the above areas are inspected thoroughly. Documentation of inspections and treatments completed is recorded in the Log Report.

Exterior Crawling Insect Control: Control of ants, crickets, centipedes, millipedes, sowbugs, pillbugs, bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and other periodic normal levels of arthropod invaders are maintained.

Exterior perimeters along buildings and around doors and windows are treated with a residual Chemical as necessary to prevent outside crawling insects from entering.

Special Insect Control: If flies become a nuisance, liquid treatments or fly bait is applied in an area where it cannot be tracked into production areas. When necessary, automatic insecticides dispensing-lighting equipment is conducted by the pest control firm. If lighting or dispensing equipment is required the pest control firm will install and maintain equipment as needed at an additional charge. The vendor may purchase the automatic insecticides dispensing-lighting equipment separately and upon termination of contract keeping the equipment. If pest control firm purchases the automatic insecticides dispensing-lighting equipment for pest control problems, upon termination of the contract the pest control firm will take back all equipment. The vendor will have the option to buy.

Pesticide Use: Only EPA approved residual and non- residual chemicals used by INAGRATED. Pesticides are used only in a manner that does not adulterate or contaminate as designated by federal, state, and local laws.

The contractor does not deviate from the proposal unless prior written permissions of any change in the use of said pesticides is received. This pesticide list is changed as federal, state, or local regulations change and new products become approved or existing ones become restricted. Labels and appropriate MSDS sheets for all pesticides used are maintained in a log book held by our inspector in charge.

In situations where residences are being treated with foggers/bombs (bedbugs/cockroaches), tenants must vacate the premises for a minimum of 4 hours. Upon return to unit, tenants should open doors and windows and ventilate for at least 30 minutes prior to re-entry. All residents will be notified at least 48 hours prior to treatment. INAGRATED will provide specific instructions to tenants in preparation for treatment.

RODENT CONTROL: If rodents become a nuisance, special equipment will be provided to the vendor at no extra cost. Rodent control equipment is strategically placed by INAGRATED's pest control service to provide protection against rodent entry from surrounding outside areas into facilities. Rodent Ketch –All trapping equipment immediate rodent control. Automatic multiple – catch traps are used where appropriate to provide continuous protection and rodent carcass control within the trap.

We keep all doors and windows shut or screened and adequately sealed to prevent potential pest entry.

Rodent Equipment Place Map: All rodent bait stations contain a POISON label and
an identification label generated by the pest control firm. Bait stations are not located in
food production areas without special approval from appropriate regulatory agencies. The
Rodent Equipment Placement Map is maintained in the Log Report held technician in charge.

Initial and Date Sticker: Rodent bait stations and trapping equipment contains a name initial and date sticker, stating the date and the initials of the service technician responsible for each service. Each station and trap are checked regularly and maintained by the service technician as required.

BED BUG-COCKROACH CONTROL: Units needing bed bug-cockroach control need to be treated a total of two times. If additional services are required, INAGRATED assumes all costs thereafter. If units are attached we require both units, or surrounding units be treated at the same time.

BIRD CONTROL: There are several option when considering bird control. INAGRATED licensed technicians can perform one of the following options at an additional cost